Vita K Solution For Dark Circles

The Vita K solution for dark circles is usually one of the top sellers on in the dark circle treatments category, so we decided to take a look at it and compare it to the Dark Circle Serum, which is sold at a much higher price point when you compare the two eye serums.

Vita K Dark Circles Solution Review

This eye serum talks about using the power of Vitamin K to fade away dark circles and blotches. While it is a great concept and we like their marketing ploy that “dark circles make you look tired,” their claim that “nothing works faster” was quite wrong. We have had various teams of people test numerous eye serums and Vita K didn’t hold a candle to the competition in that respect. Keep reading to find out more about Vita K’s skin care product for dark circles and find real reviews by following the live links included in the detailed review.

There are positives and negatives when a company lists a product for sale on, and this is a perfect example of why.  There are more 1 star reviews for Vita K then there are 5 star, and that means more people were extremely let down instead of being extremely pleased.  When you sell a product for around $10, like this one, it’s really hard to drive consumers crazy and generate the poor reviews.

One review on Amazon states “Shiny Cover up more than anything else.” Others weren’t as nice.  Out of the positive reviews out there none were over the top or raving about the product.  We will keep tabs on this as we do with all other products in the eye serum niche.

Positives about Vita K:

1.  Available on While this might not sound too endorsing, you can rest assured your order will be fulfilled and processed with ease.

2.  Affordable. As low as $10.99.  This is certainly within everyone’s anti-aging budget.

Negatives about Vita K:

Unfortunately, like the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”  This didn’t work as well as other eye products with the big name ingredients.  At least it doesn’t set consumers back too much if they do decide to try this on a whim that it will work like some of the other top selling eye serums that pack a little more punch.