The modern skin care routine is full of multi-tasking tips and tricks meant to save you time and money.

For example, lipstick can be used as a vibrant cheek color, coconut oil can hydrate your hair and skin, and anti-aging eye cream works great as a lip moisturizer.

If you find that last suggestion a little concerning, read on to find out why you should be using eye cream on your lips.

Seriously? Eye Cream on Your Lips?

Yep, seriously. The skin on your lips is actually pretty similar to the skin around your eyes.


The skin on both areas of your face is very thin—in fact, the skin on your lips is the thinnest on your body.

Thanks to that, they both need a lot of extra moisture to stay hydrated.

Lip skin is especially prone to dryness, since it lacks the oil glands present on the rest of your body.

Showing Age

It makes sense that these two highly delicate areas can easily develop wrinkles, lose firmness and show dark spots.

Your lips and eyes may be among the first areas of your face to show signs of aging.

Lack of Choice

What is the biggest draw for using eye cream on your lips? A lack of product choices for lip care.

While the anti-aging skin care market continues to grow year after year, lip care has often been left off the radar.

If you’re not interested in waiting for the big beauty brands to come around, grab one of the thousands of eye creams already available to protect your pout.

Your lips will thank you.

What Type of Eye Cream Makes the Best Multi-Tasking Product?

A trip to the drugstore will tell you that the choices of eye serum are seemingly endless.

There’s no need to fret! If you don’t already have a go-to brand, a little research will go a long way to help you make a choice.

There are a few points to keep in mind, however, as you pick the best-suited eye cream for your lips.

Keep It Light

In general, opt for a light formula that will absorb into your skin quickly.

If your eye cream is particularly heavy and slow to sink in, there’s a high probability you’ll end up wiping it off your lips before it has a chance to do any good.

Don’t Skimp on the SPF

If you’re more of a night cream user, your eye care product might not offer much in the way of sun protection.

Even if you are supplementing with SPF during the day, your lips need special consideration and can be easily neglected.

Lip cancer is a very real threat, especially among those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Sun damage also plays a big role in adding fine lines and wrinkles, so make sure you’re always protected.

The best multi-tasking eye cream should boast an SPF of 30 or higher to protect your face—lips included—from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Choose Non-Toxic

In the interest of avoiding danger, choose an eye cream that is labeled non-toxic.

While you likely won’t ingest large amounts of the product—it’s recommended that you don’t—a little bit of transfer can occur.

Cosmetics generally undergo rigorous testing to ensure their safety, but it doesn’t hurt to check up on your product’s ingredients before putting it on your lips.

Go Odor-Free

Finally, try an odor-free product. A light scent might not bother you when it’s around your eyes, but it could be a very different story when you apply it close to your nose.

Pay Special Attention to the Ingredients

If you’re going to put eye cream on your lips, you need to understand your product’s ingredients first.

That long list in tiny type can tell you a lot about the product inside the package. If you haven’t already, it’s time to start familiarizing yourself with a few MVPs of anti-aging skin care.


Antioxidants offer powerful protection against aging. They help your skin repair damage and prevent further harm from occurring as you age.

Common antioxidants are available as supplements, but with the right product, you can apply them directly to your skin.

Look for products that include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and acai berries to get started.


Regular moisturizing is a key factor in keeping the skin on your eyes and lips supple and hydrated.

Consider using a product with Aloe Vera. It locks in moisture to soften and strengthen your skin and protects you against cracks and dryness.

It’s also gentle, even on sensitive or damaged skin.


If you want to reduce the depth of your wrinkles, peptides are the way to go.

Peptides encourage circulation, reduce the buildup of fluid and can increase collagen production. They can also lighten skin discolored by aging.

All of that activity translates to healthy, youthful skin, simply by using eye cream on your lips.

How to Make a Little More Room in Your Routine

It’s incredibly simple to add this extra step to your skin care schtick.

Just apply your product normally, then wipe any excess eye cream on your lips when you’re done.

Be sure to cover both lips, as well as the outer contours of your mouth. The outer edges of your lips can be a prime location for wrinkles to develop, so don’t neglect them.

Remember: A little goes a long way. If you’re using a quality eye cream, it won’t take much to start generating results.

Embrace Adventurous Skin Care

Innovations in anti-aging skin care are happening constantly.

Whether it’s repurposing a classic product for a fresh use or it’s the discovery of an entirely new ingredient, it can be hard to keep up with the times.

At Eye Serum, we help you understand the latest trends so you can make informed choices about the products you purchase.

Check out our reviews for more information on some of the most innovative anti-aging eye creams available on the market.