While this site is dedicated to treating your eyes and keeping the skin around them looking its best, we also like to deviate from time to time and branch out into discussing wellness in other parts of the body. We feel that taking care of your ears is just as important as taking care of your eyes (after all, they’re both part of your five senses).

We’ll take a look at ways to make sure your ears are in top condition so you are always at your best in today’s new article below.

How to Take Care of Your Ears

The most important way to keep your eyes operating their best is to use earplugs when you are around loud noises. You can use this handy earplugs guide to find the kind that best fit your preferences. Most hearing loss is noise-induced, so be sure to provide a buffer so your ear drums do not get damaged if you are somewhere with loud noises.

For times when the source of the loud noise is something you can adjust, turn the volume down to an acceptable level. If you’re at an airshow or something, obviously you can’t do anything about the volume (and recommend ear plugs in that case), but if you’re listening to music in your car or at home, you don’t need to be blasting it at full volume. Your future self will thank you.

You can also give your ears a bit of a breather if you are in an area with loud noises. Say, for instance, you’re at a loud bar or a rock concert or something. Every once in a while, step outside away from the noise for five minutes or so to give your ears a chance to recover. It is said that your ears need 16 hours to recover from a single night of loud noise, but that can be reduced if you take some breaks during it.


This next tip may be unpopular, but you need to stop using cotton swabs (“q-tips”) in your ears. We know, sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than swabbing out your inner ear with a q-tip, but you’re actually doing more harm than good. While you may pull some ear wax out, you’re compacting and pushing just as much in and causing further damage to your ear canal. Gently use a damp towel instead, or try out an ear candle.

We hope you have found this deviation from all of our talk about eye and skin health enlightening. Perhaps you have learned something new and can add it to your habits to keep your ears working their best well into old age.