Summer Skin Care Tips


It’s Summer, and life is good!  Make sure to pay extra special attention to your skin care regimen, as the hot sun is not only a great friend to us, but also a great enemy. Strong ultraviolet (uv) rays can damage your skin instantly as well as add problems that will linger in the form of eye wrinkles for years to come.  Here are some quick tips you can use to your advantage to keep your skin looking healthy.

1.  Always use sunblock.

While obvious, many people don’t use sunblock in hopes of getting a “killer tan.”  Tanning evenly and showing color is one thing, but being stupid is another.  Be sure to use sunblock on your ENTIRE body.

2.  Hydrate.

H20 is another great way to keep your skin looking fresh as well as help your body get what it needs to run optimally.  Did you know that hydrating by drinking eight glasses (or more) of water each day helps your skin exfoliate?

3.  Add moisture with creams or serums.

Using an eye serum for anti aging reasons is what this blog is all about.  If you are using an under eye serum with a source of moisture (hyaluronic acid or other) it’s of great benefit to your skin.  This will also help you against environmental affects like the wind and sun.  A skin moisturizer adds a lot of tone and color to your skin and should not be overlooked.

4.  Wear a hat or sunglasses to avoid squinting.

This can cause eye wrinkles, so ensure you are always doing what you can to avoid squinting.  When you make a repeated motion (habitual motions) you are giving your skin a fold or crease which it remembers.  When that pattern continues, it ends up being a wrinkle.  Wrinkles around the eyes, otherwise called “crows feet” are very hard to remove.  Even the best anti wrinkle products and serums can not help totally remove them.

If you follow our Summer skin care tips, you can enjoy your Summer as well as know you are doing all you can to promote healthy skin.  Now go out there and enjoy yourself!  🙂