How to Look Seven years Younger

7 Years Younger BookGood Housekeeping’s Look 7 Years Younger in 7 Weeks gives consumers hope.  Anyone looking to radically change their overall appearance tuned into the episode, “Look 7 Years Younger in 7 Weeks.”

7 Years Younger Book Analysis

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the 7 week guide was the skin care segment.  Diane Berson informs us that we wash our face too often and scrub too hard.  She further states that when we wash our face at night and go to sleep, we don’t need to wash our face again in the morning and never, ever cleanse with soap.

The key to glowing skin is the use of alpha hydroxy acid cleansers at night and only at night.  Alpha hydroxy acid penetrates through layers of the skin, literally wiping out the top layer and allowing new cells to shine through.

When shopping for a new cleanser, consumers should look for cleansing agents that end with ‘ic.’  Examples are:

  • Glycolic
  • Salicylic
  • Lactic
  • Citric acids

In addition to nightly cleansing, using an at home peel each week further enhances radiant skin.  Facial Peels have a higher concentration of acid and works as a great add on.

After cleansing, make sure you use a mega moisturizer with a ceramide in it.  Ceramides are a type of fat that helps your skin keep moisture in and irritants out.

By following Good Housekeeping’s ‘Look 7 Years Younger in 7 Weeks’ guide:

Fern reduced her fine lines by 18%
Tessa’s Skin Texture improved by 33%
Kathy’s age spots improved over 35%