Priori Eye Serum

Pic of Priori Eye Serum We hadn’t heard of the brand name “Priori,” but a reader wanted more information so we happily reviewed this product. 

This lightweight, rich serum was designed specifically for the delicate eye area. It contains the LCA Complex, a special combination of antioxidants and Lactic Acid to provide superior anti-aging benefits that are supposed to provide quick results, without drying out the skin.  This product claims that in a matter of weeks, your wrinkles will disappear.

The Priori Eye Serum Review

It is very important for consumers to follow the specific directions.  Initially, use every other day until skin is acclimatized, once daily thereafter.  This product should not be combined with Smooth Lines or Even Tones, but can be layered with a Moisturizing Facial Cream or Radical Defense.

Consumers did not care for this product.  Most found that the product dried out their eyes, leaving a film, causing the eyes to appear dry and even more wrinkled.  Under eye concealer application was a nightmare on top of this product, as the product flaked off.  The directions are unclear as it does not disclose exactly how the skin becomes acclimated to this product.  Acclimation could be confused with eye irritation or a reaction to the product.

This eye serum also says it has the highest antioxidant protection on the market today, which helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and even photo damage., but perhaps the concentration is just too intense for the delicate eye area, which is what causes the drying effect.

Consumers expect that an under eye cream would at least be able to moisturize their skin, but this product didn’t even do that.  In fact, it seems to do the very opposite of everything it claims to do.  We wouldn’t recommend that you try this product.  There are plenty that we give a “thumbs up” to.

Your outer eye tissue is subjected to enough environmental changes without adding a harsh under eye cream to the mix.