Pitera is a line of skin care products produced and distributed by the Japanese skin care manufacturer SK-II, a subsidiary of Proctor and Gamble (P&G), a U.S. conglomerate. While they have many other product lines for skin issues, such as cleansers, creams, and masks, this line is dedicated to eradicating the problems that commonly afflict the eye area. They are formulated to rejuvenate the skin and bring back a more youthful appearance through the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles.

pitera anti aging productsHow Pitera Started

There is an interesting story about the origins of Pitera. The original owners of SK-II went to a sake brewery in Japan and noticed that while the workers there had many wrinkles on their face, their hands were pristine. It was quite a disparity and they began to wonder what caused it and investigated some more. It was found that the yeast that the workers were handling all day had positive effects on the skin on their hands, keeping them more refreshed and healthy, and they began to research ways to incorporate this into an anti aging product for the eyes.

How it Works

Pitera is made up of a number of natural organic compounds that are rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, all of which are generally considered to be useful in promoting healthy skin. These ingredients provide the skin with the nutrition to promote healthy skin cell turnover, eradicating dead cells and boosting the growth of healthy cells in their place, leaving the skin fresher. This stimulation of cell repair is key when fighting against wrinkles and fine lines that result from aging, tired skin around the eyes.

Where to Buy

These products can be purchased online through the manufacturer’s website, online retailers such as Amazon, as well as many off-line channels such as your local pharmacy or cosmetics store. It is best to first try these products out at a retail shop where you can sample them before making a full purchase, as this product line can be quite expensive compared to others on the market. For example, one of the products in this line, the Facial Treatment Essence, is sold in a 5 ounce package for over $150 so it is best to try it out first before making such a big investment.

What to Expect from Pitera

Do not expect results overnight with this product. Patience should be practiced with any skin care product as there are no miracle cures. It took years to develop those creases and wrinkles in your face and will similarly take a while to get rid of them. After all, the workers in the sake brewery where this product was first discovered had spent years working their hands in these ingredients for them to look the way they do, and that’s after having it on their hands all day long during that time. A consumer of this product will only be applying a small amount a couple times per day, and it stands to reason that it will likewise take consistent use of these products to experience the full results of them.