This one is for all the men out there. There just aren’t enough products in the skincare industry that are geared towards the male audience, and that’s a shame. Men should be taking care of their skin just like any woman! While my man has been a bit resistant to using products, I’ve recently got him hooked on the products from FOLS For Men.

While this post isn’t particularly geared towards the “eye serum” theme of this site, but this isn’t the first time we’ve deviated. My man has been using this brand lately and absolutely loving how it has improved his skin. I must say, I can tell the difference since he started his skin care routine with it, and definitely think you should give it a look if you are a male, or have a man in your life whose skin could use a little more TLC.

Why I Love FOLS For Men

First off, I love that these products are all natural. In everything I do, and something I also try to push on my man’s habits as well, is natural and pure products. Whether it be organic foods when possible, pure supplements, and skincare products, I try to go straight to the source rather than get bogged down with unnecessary fillers and binders. FOLS checks all the boxes for me there.

I also like the product consistency. I’ve not been immune to trying out these products myself and they are formulated just perfectly. Not too oily or greasy, but also not on the other end of the spectrum and being too creamy. They found the right middle-ground that makes their products easy to absorb, without leaving your skin a greasy or sticky mess's moisturizer with SPF from FOLS

What Can You Get at FOLS?

In particular, I was looking for a moisturizer for my man. They have an amazing one with their Cedarwood Natural Facial Moisturizer that has really cleared up the skin issues that he has been having. Whether it be from shaving or the environment (especially the sun – the mens moisturiser spf ingredients in this product are great for that), his skin just does not look as young as it used to. Once he added this product to his routine, all that dry skin and dullness went away fast!

In addition to the facial moisturizer, they also sell a Lavender & Aloe Vera After Shave Skin Repair Gel as well as a Lime Face Wash. If you want the best deal on all these products, you can get all three in their Men’s Skincare Travel Kit which I highly recommend. I know I highlighted the moisturizer above, but I really can’t say enough great things about all three of their offerings.

Where to Buy FOLS For Men

These products are made in Europe, though they ship worldwide. You can pick up these men’s natural skincare products directly on their website as well as Face it – hydration is so important for your skin. These products have worked for my man and I can’t endorse them enough – definitely give them a look!