Lumens Vitamin C Anti-Puffiness Roll-On Eye Serum

Lumens Vitamin C Anti-Puffiness Roll-On Eye Serum PicHere’s a review of the Lumens Vitamin C Serum.  This is said to attack puffiness and can be stored in your refrigerator.

Lumen Vitamin C Eye Serum is a roll on eye serum that contains a unique combination of cloudberry and lingonberry, both of which are said to eliminate dark circles and under eye puffiness.  This product contains an innovative tri-ball applicator which gives a gentle, relaxing massage to the delicate skin around eyes.

This product can be stored in the fridge!  The coolness will ease puffiness and refresh tired looking eyes.

The second the tri-ball applicator hits the skin, applying the cold serum, the skin immediately felt awakened, cool and refreshed.  It was an instantaneous pep to the undereyes.  This product goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly, can be worn under makeup and combined with other products and works well as a moisturizer.

This product did absolutely nothing for fine lines, but it doesn’t claim to.  Hats off to a product that doesn’t make false claims about what it can do.  We feel that this product is a great value at around $20, even if it doesn’t do much more than keep your eyes hydrated.

If you are looking a solution to your fine lines and wrinkles though, you will need to use a product in addition to this one.