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Many people do weird things in the Sin City, but did you know that it’s a growing populace for medical travel?

It’s true.  While many people take their casino winnings to the bars, restaurants, and even the Grand Canyon, there are many women who take advantage of getting botox in Las Vegas while their husbands gamble!

Las Vegas Nevada

4 reasons of getting Botox done in Las Vegas

A Vegas vacation is all about having fun and we all know that whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Vegas brings to your mind a world of casinos, gambling and high-end entertainment, but did you know Vegas is a top destination for getting Botox done?

Why Get Botox Done?

Botox has had a rough time, literally! Getting Botox done was considered a full-on plastic surgery and was stigmatized due to this reason. But with the passage of time, people have accepted it and there is no stigma attached to it. It is not only used to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, but is also used to treat certain medical conditions like strabismus, migraines and muscle spasms.

So if your aim is to have fun and mix it with a little bit of Botox treatment, then Vegas is your go-to destination! Let us take a look at why Vegas should be your ‘Botox’ destination!

Botox and Affordability

A combination of Botox and Vegas may seem very expensive, but trust us, Botox is pretty affordable in Vegas. Some spas and facilities charge per unit and some charge on the basis of the area you are visiting.

Generally, though, the average price is $12 per unit and most of the places require you to purchase at least 50 units at a time. Spa deals on Botox are out everyday, so be on the look out for deals which dramatically reduce the price per unit of Botox.

Availability of Botox Treatments

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Certified Professionals for Botox

In Vegas, since almost all spas and skin clinics offer Botox, certified professionals are at hand to administer Botox, unlike other places where either nurses or uncertified professionals use Botox.

Generally certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons are the ones administering Botox. This greatly reduces any risks and unwanted complications from Botox. Keep in mind that if Botox is not administered correctly, it can lead to muscle weakness, bruising, muscle stiffness and even flu symptoms.

Safe Practice with Botox

Keeping in mind all safety precautions, Botox administration is up to the mark in Vegas. Initially a 100-unit bottle of Botox was used on multiple patients, but that has been replaced by a single-use bottle. This has greatly reduced any chances of cross-contamination and spread of diseases amongst patients and has also increased the efficacy of Botox itself.

Since only certified professionals are allowed to administer Botox, rest assured that you are in safe hands.

A Hotspot of Entertainment, A Luxurious Spa Experience and A Botox Treatment!

What More Can You Ask for from Your Vegas Vacation?

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