Korres Natural Products Olive & Rye Eye Cream

Today we present a Korres Olive & Rye eye cream review.

We found out about this eye cream after being intrigued with the approach this company took by adding Rye Oil, which the company maintains “boosts the natural defense of skin cells and the synthesis of a number of proteins that promote cohesion of dermis and epidermis.” We liked the fact that this night cream didn’t make our testers have that oily feeling on their skin.

While most of our testers maintained it was a great eye cream as far as moisturizing goes, it did very little to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. While we are very happy to recommend this product for its moisturizing abilities, there are too many superior products that work well as an eye serum so we do not recommend using this for anyone who is trying to eliminate fines lines or wrinkles.  The Korres Olive & Rye Eye cream review was done with careful consideration as to what people were saying on Amazon.com, so if you are looking for information on whether you should purchase this eye cream with olive & rye, continue reading.

Korres Natural Products Eye Cream Facts

Korres Natural Products Eye Cream, Olive and Rye .51 fl oz (15 ml)

The above link will take you to the official reviews and description on Amazon.com – it’s best you check it out if you are interested in that product.  below you will find more research we dug up from our in depth review.


1.  Only a Small Amount is Needed. Always nice to apply a small amount instead of a large amount.

2.  Has Hydrating Qualities. Our testers were impressed with the moisture it seemed to add.


1.  The Squeeze Tube Makes it Hard to Apply Same Amount Each Time. Tubes make it nearly impossible to apply any eye cream in the same manner each time.  Pump bottles are much easier to apply evenly.

2.  Testers Complained it was Too Thick. It is never fun rubbing in a cream that is too thick – which is why consumers agree eye serums – not creams – are the way to go about correcting the various signs of aging.

Thanks for reading the review of Korres Olive & Rye eye cream, and best of luck in your search for the best anti aging eye serum.