June Jacobs Cellular Collagen Eye Serum

Looking for information on the June Jacobs Cellular Collagen Eye Serum?  Today we unveil our full review. 

Not finding too much information reported about this eye serum, we had to investigate for ourselves. First of all, we are not fond about any title containing the word collagen. Anybody who knows a lot about skin, knows that collagen is only added to products used to sell to uneducated consumers. They are sucked into this myth, and believe it is the miracle ingredient that solves all their aging skin problems.

For those of you who don’t know that much about collagen, any form of it found in skin care products will never be able to reach the collagen found in our body. It also remains impossible for any foreign collagen to be accepted and bind to our bodies naturally made, complex collagen. June Jacobs target is to lift, tighten, and firm the delicate skin surrounding our eyes. The question is, does this collagen product actually work to lift, tighten, and firm? Furthermore, are the other ingredients powerful enough to actually make the eye serum work and fulfill the main objectives? This eye serum definitely came down to the other ingredients.

We applied the serum as directed. June Jacobs left the skin fully moisturized without leaving an oily surface behind. Testers were pleased and enjoyed the rejuvenation and purifying of their skin after applying the serum. As far as wrinkle reduction goes, June Jacobs eye serum may have slightly smoothed fine lines around the eyes but failed to improve any bigger or more severe eye wrinkles. Firming was also not recognized as being a plus with this product. If anything, the delicate tissue around the eye was well hydrated and only appeared to have a firming effect.

June Jacobs Cellular Collagen Serum Review Notes


1. Added life around the eyes. This serum worked pretty well to restore the general health appearance around the eye by brightening up the original dull skin.

2. Good moisturizer. Everybody loves a good moisturizer especially one that does not make your skin shiny or apply too oily.


1. No trial samples. This product has been advertised well but, everywhere lacks detailed information about the product, how it works, and other useful specifics. Even the ingredients are hard to find. With the lack of information and with the product being highly priced, it could only benefit to give out little samples.

2. Doesn’t do what it says it does. The title is deceiving, it puts people under the impression that this product is an anti-aging serum that adds more collagen to the area around your eyes. (The above review proves otherwise)

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