John Mayer is considered to be an enigma. He is a guitarist you may have listened to a lot in collage when you hooked up but these days he is quite stranger. After he released his first two folksy records, Mayer has gone the route of Shia LaBeouf and James Franco. John Mayer skin care routine is simply crazy.

He does crazy things publicly and we all wonder if it is a joke or just part of some art performance. Do you remember his weird and over the top single performed with Katy Perry? America felt collectively uncomfortable. It was like seeing those couples in your Facebook feed who simply wont stop posting photos making out.

John Mayer Skin Care

So a couple weeks ago John Mayer skin care upped the proverbial ante. He took comedic oddness to a whole new level. On Snapchat he documented his entire skin care regimen. Now while this might be some kind of strange commentary on anti aging, it is more likely just severe boredom coupled with too much Red Bull kicking in.

His ritual was about using Natura Bissé, which is a luxury skin care brand that the Kardashians have been promoting. Actually even Oprah and Beyonce use this brand, or so they claim. Now I’ve tried the Natura Bissé myself and for $1000 you really can’t even fill a tiny bag full of the stuff. It is quite expensive and I’m not sure it is worth it. But John Mayer skin care loves it.

In his routine, Mayer starts with the $600 Natura Bissé Diamond Life Infusion. He applies it directly to his face. Following this, Mayer applies the Diamond Extreme eye cream by tapping it in with his index finger. This is followed up with an application of the C+C Vitamin Complex which is a $200 vitamin C serum. I would personally recommend the Delfogo Rx Vitamin C Serum which is actually free and has 22% vitamin C.

This all seems like a bit over done and the skin care products made by Natura Bissé are heavily promoted by celebrities but not worth the super premium price tag. Mayer finishes his routing off with the Diamond Extreme Cream, which is $345. It is soft and smooth and Mayer uses a Q-tip to apply it. It seems like overkill but then it gets topped off with the $100 Diamond Mist spray. I’m not even sure what it is for but he “head butts” it.