The telomere is a mechanism that controls aging.  It’s part of everyone’s DNA structure.  In particular, a telomere is a repeating DNA sequence, you may see it written in the scientific method of TTAGGG, for example.  These sequences are located at the end of the body’s chromosomes. They act as the last layer of cell protection.

If you aren’t keen on following science-talk, we’ll try to break down what telomere’s actually do in more simple terms.

Telomeres have been the study of many research groups, and they have been a hot topic among anti aging experts who feel they are the key to aging.  Some people have made the comparison to that of the plastic tips that harness the end of of our shoelaces, due to the fact that they help prevent the chromosome ends from fraying and sticking to one another.  Every time a cell divides, the telomeres become shorter.  They eventually get to the point to where they cannot become any shorter and eventually they “die.”

In skin care products, the telomere serves one main purpose:  to allow cells to divide without losing genes.  Cell division is necessary so we can grow new skin, blood, bone and other cells when needed.

A report published by the University of Utah stated the following:

Without telomeres, chromosome ends could fuse together and degrade the cell’s genetic blueprint, making the cell malfunction, become cancerous or die. Because broken DNA is dangerous, a cell has the ability to sense and repair chromosome damage. Without telomeres, the ends of chromosomes would look like broken DNA, and the cell would try to fix something that wasn’t broken. That also would make them stop dividing and eventually die.

For those asking what telomeres role in aging is, we invite you to continue reading excerpts from the Utah report.

Geneticist Richard Cawthon and colleagues at the University of Utah found shorter telomeres are associated with shorter lives. Among people older than 60, those with shorter telomeres were three times more likely to die from heart disease and eight times more likely to die from infectious disease.

It’s apparent that telomere’s are an important element in our skin’s make-up, and it’s important that they are treated as such.  For this reason, skin creams are starting to formulate their products with telomeres in mind.  Stay tuned as we identify products that incorporate this thought process in their skin products.


Telomere length declines in dividing cells as we age

Telomere length declines in dividing cells as we age

We have found one product worthy of mention here, and that is the Delfogo Telomere DNA Cell Cream.  It’s a product that was launched in Spring of 2010, and part of the popular DNA Rejuvenation System, a three pronged approach to helping maintain the effects of any anti aging treatment.