Green Tea

Many of us like to sip green tea during the day, in place of coffee, for its benefits when taken orally. Did you know that it is also a powerful ingredient in skin care products because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties? If you are suffering from skin care issues like acne, wrinkles, fine lines and rosacea, this is an ingredient you may want to seek when choosing an eye serum or face cream to add to your routine. Green tea comes in many different products such as creams, masks, cleansers and moisturizers and is worth looking at if you are trying to remedy some common skin problems.

Green Tea’s Use in Skin Care

Different kinds of teas and herbs have been used in skin care products for centuries because of the antioxidants they contain. This fights against dirt and other radicals that reside in the skin and flush them out, removing dead skin cells and promote new cell growth. A green tea face mask or cream helps fight aging because it does not go through fermentation, which allows the antioxidants to stay in the herb and be at their most effective. When combined with other active ingredients such as collagen boosters, it provides an effective treatment for fighting wrinkles and unsightly skin  blemishes.

green tea use in skin care products

Applying a green tea face mask

Another benefit of green tea is that it contains polyphenols which reduce inflammation and fight bacteria. If your skin is acne prone, you should definitely seek a product that contains this ingredient for this reason. It also has caffeine in it which helps fight inflammation and puffiness that cause the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. It does this by restricting the blood vessels and tightening the skin, all of which reduce swelling and bring back a younger look to the skin’s surface.

Choosing a Green Tea Product

Remember that green tea is known for its antioxidant properties, so it is best to choose this is you are suffering from acne, psoriasis, rosacea or other issues that cause dry and puffy skin on your face. While green tea alone is a powerful ingredient, also look for the product to contain other strong ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, argirelene and peptides.

Side Effects of Green Tea in Skin Care

There are typically not many side effects when using green tea as an ingredient in an eye serum or face cream, rather most side effects are experienced when ingested orally. However, there is a small portion of people who have seen irritation from these kinds of products. When beginning any new skin care product in your routine, it is important to always try it in a minor dose on a small area of the skin at first to see how you react. Not all skin types are created equal, and not every product is for everyone. If no adverse reaction is seen, gradually add the product to your routine more liberally and regularly. Consult your dermatologist if you have any bad reaction to any new product.