Cyclomethicone is a clear, alcohol free, odorless liquid that is included as an ingredient in many of the personal skin care products that you may use as part of your health and beauty routine. Its main purpose is to provide a smoother texture to the product formulation, making it easier to apply and absorb into the skin. Products with this additive will leave the skin with a smooth, lubricated feel as opposed to thicker products that are more clumpy and less absorbent and do not get to the skin’s inner layers. It is commonly found in lotions, creams, hair care products and perfumes. It also does not block the other active ingredients in the product from entering the skin, rather it assists it in reaching into the skin’s interior, allowing the product to work more effectively to experience the best results.

usage of cyclomethicone in health and beauty productsUsage in Skin Care Products

There are a number of reasons why it is an important part of many of the items you use as part of your routine for personal care. The molecules of this chemical are smaller than alternate ingredients, which allows it to penetrate through the skin’s layers to get to the root of the problem deep in the skin’s inner workings. While other products that are thicker may clump and reside on the surface of the skin, products with cyclomethicone are able to penetrate deep down and promote health from within. As these healthy cells are worked towards the skin’s surface, a smoother and softer texture results.

Cyclomethicone also promotes cell turnover, repairing damaged cells and increasing the production of healthy cells. Because of this you will often find it in scar creams that help repair damaged tissue as well as in many acne treatments.

Additional testing is being done as to the utility of this chemical when it comes to relieving dry or flaky skin on the face. As moisturizers need to get to the inner layers of the skin to be most effective, cyclomethicone will likely become a permanent component of the formulation of these types of products.

Side Effects

Most often this ingredient is found in a 5 to 10{60927620b5d8dfc9d1af13b37f82c6911ce09897260b545b801dacbf1f68a569} concentration of the product formulation, as anything above that threshold is shown to have no additional benefits and could have a level of toxicity due to over exposure. This may be seen in the form of skin irritation at the surface (dryness, redness, rash or other irritation). If you experience any of these issues, it is recommended to end use of this product immediately and find an alternative treatment. It is also warned to not get this product into the eyes or any damaged, broken skin or open wounds. Consult your dermatologist before using any new product for an analysis of the ingredients and how it may react with your skin given your history. Be sure to try it only on a small part of the skin at first to see how your skin responds, and gradually increase usage if no adverse effects are seen.