Acai Berry Benefits

What is an Acai Berry?

  • The acai (as-sigh-EE) is a grape-like fruit harvested from acai palm trees
  • Native to the rainforests of South America
  • Promoted as having very powerful antioxidant properties
  • Small and purple in color
  • The predominant beneficial substances in the acai berry are polyphenols, flavonoids, mostly of the anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins categories

What is an Acai Berry used for?

  • Known as a super food
  • Anti-aging
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Weight Loss
  • High Cholesterol
  • Detoxification
  • Improving general health

What role does an Acai Berry play in cosmetics?

  • The antioxidants in acai berry are easily absorbed into the bloodstream
  • Raise levels of antioxidant activity quite quickly

What types of products is the Acai Berry found in?

  • Make-up
  • Wrinkle Creams
  • Moisturizers
  • Tanning Lotions
  • Anti-Aging Products

What types of anti-aging products is the Acai Berry found in?

  • Delfogo Reconstructive Eye Serum
  • 100% Pure Acai Berry Anti-Aging Eye Cream
  • Attitude Line RESQUE EYE SERUM Acai Berry Serum
  • Kiehls Acai Damage-Minimizing Serum

Acai Berry has been used in an increasing number of beauty products since the late 1990’s.  It is expected that there will now be many more cosmetics manufacturers who begin using Acai oil.

In cosmetics, Acai oil is processed for use in make-up, wrinkle creams, moisturizers, tanning lotions, and anti-aging products, as outlined above.  Traditionally, other tropical oils were favored for these types of products, but it was found that the concentrated levels of antioxidants found in Acai berry were more beneficial for reversing the signs of aging as well as rehydrating skin and preventing wrinkles.

The best part of using Acai oil in cosmetics is that the high levels of antioxidants are resistant to heat and stay the same regardless of how long the oil is stored.  This is a trait that many beauty products manufacturers found to be desirable and cost-effective.  For the end consumer, products that contain Acai oil are not only more affordable, but they also provide improved results for skin care.  Many moisturizing products that are petroleum-based do not actually help moisturize skin. Instead, they provide a protective layer that prevents moisture from escaping and reduced the effects of sun and wind.

When used in conjunction with aloe vera, the amino acids and trace minerals in acai berry act as an extremely effective ultra moisturizer that assists in the slow down and destructive effects of aging on the skin, particularly on the face and around the eyes.  For this reason, acai berry is known as one of the foremost topical solutions for anti aging.  Skin care products that contain acai berry, particularly eye serums and creams are extremely sought out and desirable for this reason.