If you are looking for eye creams or eye serums on the internet, you may come across a product called Hydroxacel. This is not a very large or well-known brand, but has gotten a lot of attention over the last while. A quick search on this product pulls up mixed reviews, with some touting the wonderful benefits of it while others are calling it a scam. I’ll take a look at the ingredients in this review and let you decide for yourself whether it is worth the investment before you spend your money.

hydroxacel eye effect skin care productsIngredients

Taking a look at the website for Hydroxacel Eye Effect Cream, it makes claims to tighten the skin around the eyes by increasing hydration (locking in moisture) and reinforcing the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen is what helps make the skin cells plump and firm, filling out gaps and eradicating wrinkles at the skin’s surface.

The manufacturer claims that Hydroxacel has two proprietary ingredients in it to boost collagen production, YouthPLUS+ and YouthBOOST. There is not much additional information on their site to describe exactly what these two ingredients are and how they serve their purpose.

Another active ingredient in this formulation is Argirelene, which I talk about in many of the serums on this site and is a strong chemical that is used in the best products. This ingredient helps get rid of wrinkles by relaxing the muscles in the area where it is applied, relieving tension in the skin.

Third, Hydroxacel advertises another mystery ingredient called MoistureBalance. This ingredient is said to infuse the skin with moisture and restore a younger, fresher look to the skin. Like the two “Youth” ingredients, not much more information is provided on this ingredient.


Without much to go on, it is hard to say if a look at the ingredients on the back of the packaging will give you the answer to whether or not it will help get rid of the signs of aging in the eye area. I took a look at other reviews of this product on the internet and they are not favorable. A number of issues are cited by consumers, mainly that it is ineffective. Many have tried the product for weeks or even months and have not experienced any improvement against the issues it purports to remedy. Others have also reported that this product has caused irritation to their skin.

I take all reviews with a grain of salt, as there could be other issues that are causing these negative opinions. For one, not all skin is the same, and some products that may work well for one person may not work well for others. It is also possible that the consumer is using other skin care products in their routine, and it may be other products causing these irritations, or using the products together may be causing a reaction.

You can sign up for a free trial of this product on the manufacturer’s website, but be sure to read the fine print that you are then signed up for an auto-replenishment program where you will then be billed and shipped another unit on a regular basis until you contact them to cancel.