Human Growth Factor Facial Serum

One of the toughest things about getting older is that we do not look as young as we once did. We all have to live with the signs of aging, and we have to face facts that we’re not going to look as good as we did when we were younger. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your looks entirely.

Human Growth Factor Serum Facts and Analysis

Finding a facial serum with human growth factor isn’t easy, but we’ve found one that has everything in it that you’ll want to look your best.

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Delfogo RX, the makers of HGF Youth Elixir Serum, have taken anti aging to whole other level. This product is currently taking the anti aging world by storm, and there are many happy customers that have willingly shared their testimony on websites like They love the effects that this product has had on their skin and overall complexion, and if you give it a try you’ll love it too.

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Though not really specifically an eye serum, this facial serum can act like a wrinkle cream in the respect that it’s to be applied to the entire face.  However, this formula is in a serum viscosity and it is sold with a very unique eye dropper for maximum control and precision application.

HGF Youth Elixir Serum Review

Before we get into the massive and wonderful benefits that this product has to offer, we would like to provide a brief overview so that you can get a better idea of what this product is all about.

Some important things to note about HGF Youth Elixir Serum include:

  • This product contains powerful ingredients that can eliminate the signs of aging and stop them dead in their tracks. The two most powerful ingredients include: Thylumen 4 (Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2) & Human Growth Factor. These substances are naturally occurring proteins that help to promote cellular growth and eliminate the signs of aging.
  • Other powerful ingredients include: pure hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that naturally occurs in the human body and helps to rejuvenate the skin, & red and green seaweed extracts, which are incredible ingredients that are excellent because they help to prevent the breakdown of skin structure. This breakdown will often lead to wrinkling and loose skin. As you can clearly see, the powerful ingredients in this product make it a youth elixir serum that truly gets the job done and helps to eliminate the signs of aging in a relatively quick period of time as well. And that’s what’s really exciting about this wonderful product.
  • Combats the signs of aging – by combining Human Growth Factor and Thymulen 4, Delfogo has created a product that not only gets to root skin issue causes, but it is fantastic because it helps to fight the signs of aging. No longer do you have to worry about looking older than you truly are. And no longer do you have to feel older than you feel inside. You will finally restore your youth and beauty, and you’re going to feel wonderful about yourself and about your life once again.

The Benefits of HGF Youth Elixir Serum

As you can imagine, there are many incredible benefits that you get to experience when using HGF Youth Elixir Serum on a regular basis. These benefits far outweigh any potential costs that you might have to incur, because you will restore your youthful and beautiful appearance. And you are going to feel like you are on top of the world, and your self-esteem will be restored as soon as you start to look and feel young again.

Some of our favorite benefits include:

  • HGF Youth Elixir Serum can help to eliminate the signs of wrinkles in just mere weeks – many of you have probably become interested in this product because you are very dissatisfied with the wrinkles that are currently marring your otherwise beautiful complexion. And you’re looking for a product that will help to minimize – or eliminate altogether – the signs of wrinkles that you are currently experiencing. The great thing about this youth elixir serum is that it really helps to eliminate the wrinkles that are ruining your wonderful complexion. In a matter of weeks, this product will help to minimize the signs of wrinkles, and if you continue to use the product it can help to get rid of them altogether in many instances.
  • HGF Youth Elixir Serum can help the skin to tighten up – another problem that many people often experience as they get older is their skin begins to get loose and saggy. This saggy and loose skin makes us look old and out of shape and otherwise unattractive. But that does not necessarily mean that you have to live with this problem. On the contrary, the youth elixir serum can help to tighten up the skin so that you do not have the saggy, loose skin making you look older than you should. It’s one of the best reasons why many people enjoy the powerful product. So if you have saggy, loose skin, you should really consider giving this serum a try because it will help to eliminate that problem and do so relatively quickly.
  • HGF Youth Elixir Serum provides the skin with a healthy and attractive glow – as we age, many of us often sorely lack the beautiful and youthful glow that many younger people experience. Our skin starts to look old, wrinkled and dull. This youthful serum will help to restore that beautiful shine and youthful glow that you were capable of experiencing when you were much younger. And this is wonderful because so many of you are going to finally look and feel like you did when you are a much younger person. This will help to restore the vitality that you have been sorely lacking in your life. It will help you to feel young again and you’ll obviously a look much younger again as well.

The beauty of this product is that it works very quickly. So many previous happy customers can attest to that, and they have by sharing their experiences in many places on the Internet. We want you to be the next success story.  We want you to restore your youthful and beautiful appearance.


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Rave reviews dating to 2011.

Never seen before powerful formula.


Quantity.  For a full face serum it’s not a huge amount.  (Although it is potent, so not much is needed.)

Overall, if you are looking for a human growth factor (HGF) serum for your face, than look no further.  This is a product we firmly endorse.

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