How Long to See Results With Skin Care Products

We’re becoming a world of instant gratification. Everything is at our fingertips and it seems that patience is no longer a virtue. That’s why when it comes to skin care these days, many are turning to procedures like botox or other injections to get immediate results. It may cost a pretty penny, but you can see the changes in your appearance much quicker than if you were to apply a topical skin care product.

Because of the costs and risks of botox, that is not a consideration for many. So if you were to go the route of applying products to your skin, how long will it take to see results? There is no one rule of thumb for this, as everyone’s skin reacts differently, but here are some guides on what you could typically expect from different products.

Eye Creams and Eye Serums

Since these products are what this site is all about, we’ll start here. This is the first place on your body where you will begin to show the signs of aging. The skin in the facial area, particularly around the eyes, is particularly thin and most susceptible to losing its firmness. This leads to wrinkles and dryness. It is important to apply an eye serum to rehydrate this area, and we have a number of recommendations for the best eye serum on this site. You will see different claims from each of these anti-aging products manufacturer’s, but the standard answer to start seeing noticeable results is between one and two months.

best selling eye serums

A few of the eye serum products in the skin care market.


These products are formulated to be applied anywhere on the body, and thus are of a lesser strength than an eye serum or eye cream. You’ll see a difference immediately upon application as it absorbs into the skin and relieves the dryness at the outermost layer of the skin. To see longer lasting results, however, it needs to be applied consistently for a period of one to two weeks to really penetrate to the inner layers of the skin and remedy the root of the dryness.


This is similar to a moisturizer where you will see a change right away, as it gets rid of the dirt on your skin and cleans out your pores. However, the effect is only temporary and not really getting to the dirt and radicals deep down in the skin’s layers until you’ve given it repeated use for a few weeks to a month. Be sure to apply a cleanser a couple times a day, perhaps as part of your morning and night skin care routines, to get the best results. A cleanser in itself isn’t going to bring about a lot of change, rather it cleans and opens up the skin’s pores to allow your other products to work their best. There are so many varieties of this on the market, and we’ve put together a guide to choosing the right skin care product here.

best skin cleansers for dry skin

There is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a skin cleanser.

Acne Treatments

The answers to this one are all across the board depending on what type of treatment you are receiving and how bad your acne is. The most immediate effect, though the most costly, can be seen by visiting your dermatologist for cortisone shots. Known as “zit zapping”, results can be seen in about 24 hours. Oral medications, which deal with the issue from the inside as opposed to a topical cream, can be effective after two to three weeks of use. Topical products from your dermatologist will take about six weeks to show results, and over-the-counter creams may take as long as three months for noticeable signs of improvement.

While it may take some discipline and perseverance, these are all great products to add to your skin care routine to keep your skin looking its best. If you’re looking for more immediate results, read about the most advanced skin care treatments here.