How Does Haloxyl Work?


Seeing is believing. Wouldn’t most of us agree to that? We are the generation that is almost always connected to their smartphones and we demand proof to any claim that anyone makes. Hence, for us seeing is believing. With the advancement of medical science and technology, everybody these days has access to what they are using, why they are using a certain product and exactly what it does. The same goes for cosmetics; since a lot of cosmetics these days are medically recommended and produced as a result of clinical trials.  This is why many people are using Haloxyl for dark circles.

How Haloxyl Works on Dark Circles

Haloxyl is a manmade peptide or compound that is used in eye creams frequently. The reason for doing this is because Haloxyl actually works on reducing dark circles around the eyes. The origins of Haloxyl can be found with the company Sederma, that was established itself in 1964. Sederma is quite transparent about the components of Haloxyl and how it came in to being. Haloxyl is composed of natural ingredients and ingredients that are a result of molecular synthesis and biotechnology. There have been various clinical trials that vouch for Haloxyl’s benefits because Sederma is more of testing laboratory than a large corporation.

Now, more on what exactly Haloxyl is composed of and how it works. Haloxyl is made of water, Glycerin, Hydroxysuccinimide, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Steareth-20, Chrysin and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7. To understand how these ingredients help in removing dark circles, we first need to know what causes dark circles. The major cause for dark circles can vary from lack of quality sleep, lack of good diet to too much stress. Biologically, however, dark circles are caused by the breakage or rupturing of small blood capillaries around the eye area. It leaves a purple-bluish pigment on the skin because the skin is too thin and also because of the pigmenting agents in blood, namely iron and bilirubin.

These pigments are released as a result of the ruptured capillaries. What Chrysin does is stimulate the enzyme that breaks down bilirubin and Hydroxysuccinimide makes iron more soluble so that it is cleared out quicker. Another thing that Haloxyl does is work on the thickness of the skin around the eyes; the thicker it gets, the less prone it is to damage. Haloxyl is easily available for use on its own although it is more popularly used in conjunction with other compounds in eye-creams. This is because eye creams focus on relieving multiple problems instead of targeting just once. A good eye cream will not only deal with your dark circles, but also work on puffy, tired eyes, hydration and good health overall.

Choosing an eye cream is always a difficult decision. For dark circles, you should definitely opt for one that has Haloxyl in it and look for other compounds that relieve related problems. Another product next to Haloxyl is Eyeliss, that is made of natural ingredients and works on the puffiness in eyes. All in all, it is best to research the product before you buy it.