We’re going to take a bit of a departure today from most of our articles that review different eye serum products and describe how other kinds of medical treatments can lead to better health in the eye area. The body is truly an amazing machine and to see how everything is interconnected never ceases to surprise us.

Today we visited with a friend from a Spartanburg Chiropractic facility and they shared with us the different ways that a spinal adjustment can lead to improved health for your eyes, including your vision as well as the skin in this area.

Chiropractic Treatment and Eye Health

As told to us by our friends at the clinic in Spartanburg, a misaligned spine can have a lot of detrimental effects on your health. If the spinal column is not aligned correctly it can pinch the nerves and restrict blood flow upwards into the facial area. This can have a huge effect on the performance of every function from the neck upwards, your vision included.

Not only is your vision affected by this restriction of blood flow, but it can also lead to other eye-related symptoms such as watery or teary eyes, or conversely it can lead to dry eyes. The skin in this area, neglected from proper blood flow and nourishment, can also become unhealthy and begin to sag and form wrinkles and fine lines, as well as show puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

While we talk all about eye serums and other kinds of topical products on this site, this was very interesting information to hear and recommend chiropractic care as another means to ensure the full health of the skin in the eye area. There are so many different things that go in to having perfect skin, from diet and nutrition, exercise, getting enough sleep, that things such as a properly aligned spine can be overlooked or not thought of as a trigger for what may be causing skin issues in the eye area.

With all that said, on top of staying disciplined with a good diet and using the best skin care products to keep your skin looking your best, it’s a good idea to get regular chiropractic care to make sure your spinal column is in the best shape. Beyond just the benefits to the eyes, your entire body will benefit from this kind of treatment.

We’d like to thank our friends from South Carolina for sharing this interesting advice with us today. We hope it was enlightening for you and empowers you to take action.