Freeze 24/7 Eye Serum

Freeze 247 Product

This fast-absorbing, lightweight eye serum puts your fine lines and wrinkles on hold. Being applied around the eyes, this product was made to simulate Botox, working in places Botox and  painful needles can’t. For user awareness, the product was made to both see and feel results. To prove the eye serum is working, the non-sensitizing serum is said to cause “a cooling, toning sensation” when applied. The product also states that it will start minimizing lines and wrinkles “within minutes” after the application. This product remains to be a temporary fix and we found it making small noticeable changes but some testers started to worried about the product being a little powerful and harsh on the skin. In some cases the skin around the eye became quite dry, and other cases a residue was produced after certain periods of time. This raises a few questions regarding the ingredients and them properly functioning together.  Continue reading as we have much more information in this eye cream review.

Freeze 24 7 Eye Serum Review

The bottom line after testing for 3 weeks is that it failed to show a noticeable amount of wrinkle correction around the eyes. With all the media hype surrounding this product, our testers expected a better and more long term results. They did note that the addition of GABA was the greatest benefit as it acts as a natural muscle relaxant and as such works to ‘freeze’ fine lines and wrinkles almost instantly upon application.  So in this sense, Freeze 24-7 does provide temporary wrinkle relief around the eyes, but none of the testers enjoyed any long term results. Our group tested for 90 days, and maybe if they tested longer the results could have differed but patience does runs thin, especially when testing such an over hyped product that is priced well over the $100 mark.

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Freeze 24/7 Positives

1.  Has a nice feeling when applied to skin.  Products that feel like they are working, never seem to fail at putting a smile on one’s face.
2.  Visible improvement.  This product does have some noticeable effects, making lines and wrinkles less noticeable.

Freeze 24/7 Negatives

1. Didn’t absorb as fast as we had hoped.
2. Lacks marquee ingredients.  Paying high prices for eye serums only makes sense when the ingredient mix is spectacular.

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