Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Eye Serum

EyeSerum.com Review by Ronald Gold

Dr. Brandt’s Time Arrest Eye Serum belongs to the Age Reversing Platinum Technology line, specifically tailored to address the needs of mature and sagging skin, diminish crows feet, and help to tighten skin around the eyes.  The delivery system is said to work like a skin-calibrated GPS, carrying active ingredients into the deepest layers of the epidermis.   This product claims to slow the aging process.  This product has a whole barrage of ingredients, one more powerful than the next, including Hydroxyprolisilane CN, which regenerates tissue by improving cell renewal resulting in firmer more elastic skin and Heliofeel, which helps reduce trans-epidermal water loss and helps to soften skin around the eyes. Like with all of Dr. Brandt’s products, this one is formulated WITHOUT sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals and phthalates.

Many users raved about this product   This product is comprised of a power house of ingredients that provide powerful results.  This product truly holds up to its claim of “age reversing” technology.  Most consumers’ skin felt revitalized, toned and polished.  Fine line were diminished and under eye circles lessened after 15 consecutive days of use.  The skin looked tighter and brighter.

If we were judging this product based on effectiveness alone, this product would be a winner in our book.  Unfortunately, the packaging left a bitter taste amongst consumers.  The pump often jammed, resulting in several additional pumps, which built up pressure and when the clog dislodges, the product flies like a rocket, resulting in excess waste.  Once the container was emptied, consumers actually disassembled the pump, prying the top off to get to another week’s worth of serum.

This product does seem to work, but you have to decide if the dispenser issue and wasted product is worth it to you.