Dr. Brandt Dark Circles Away Collagen Eye Serum

Dr Brandt Circles Away Pic

This brightening eye serum claims to work to diminish the look of tired, puffy, and hollow eyes. Lumispher  microencapsulated pigments are said to instantly improve luminosity and brightness, helping to fade dark circles and break down abnormal fatty deposits that cause under eye bags. Other ingredients boost collagen levels, stimulate microcirculation, strengthen thin, fragile skin, and keep the eye area hydrated and healthy looking.  This product glides on with the cold ball applicator, which claims to provide instant brightening and concealing effects.  This specialty serum is supposed to instantaneously brighten your look and increase collagen levels.  As well it is said to better circulation and this will help reduce dark shadows, fine lines and wrinkles and puffy fatigued eyes.

The Dr. Brandt Dark Circles Serum Review

This product is applied by first gently pressing to dispense a small amount of product.  Then gently sliding the cold ball over bone area of eyes, lightly patting any excess with fingertip until completely absorbed.  While the cold ball technology is light years ahead of its competitors, its poor execution leaves the product bringing up the rear.  Many reported issues with the ball, reporting that it didn’t roll smoothly across the skin, but instead pulled and tugged and the amount of product dispensed was inconsistent.  Further, Dr. Brandt recommends following this product with a moisturizer.  Most users expect that an eye serum would contain a moisturizer.

Many reported after a few weeks of use that their fine lines were less noticeable and the dark circles had diminished.  As long as the roller ball cooperates you may have decent success with this product.