Splashing urine on your face for better skin? Does that sound like something you would do? Think about it for a moment. Do you want glowing skin? Breakout-free skin? How important is this to you? Would you urinate on a cotton pad and rub it on your face? A urine exfoliator. This sounds like a sick joke. But it isn’t. Although it is not something I would do myself, it is an ancient Eastern tradition and Dr. Whitney Bowe says it has a lot of merit. At one point people laughed about Dead Sea Minerals and now as you can see, they are very popular for skin care.

This is called urine therapy. And not because you may need to see a psychiatrist after trying it. Gwyneth Paltrow is not the one touting it either. It isn’t a hippy dippy thing. What it is in fact is a skin care treatment that is believed to heal external ailments by using urine. Which is the body’s natural antibodies. Joshua Zeichner, a notable dermatologist calls it “sterile, antimicrobial” and notes that urine has anti-inflammatory properties.

Urea the main ingredient in the urine exfoliator

Photo of urea which is the main ingredient in the urine exfoliator

Urine Exfoliator Works For Your Face

Of course there are some down sides to washing your face with urine, according to dermatologist Whitney Bowe. She says it isn’t a disgusting practice. In fact, she recommends and prescribes different concentrations of urea to her patients. Urea is one of the main components of urine. Urea hydrates the skin and helps with exfoliation. It wipes away dead skin cells which causes a brighter appearance and smoother texture in the skin. Urine has many minerals, hormones, enzymes and anti-bodies which help benefit the skin.

There have not been many studies evaluating the use of urine on the skin so it is difficult to measure the true effects. Dr. Zeichner still considers urine therapy to be more of a last resort. He finds that traditional skin cleansers and anti-acne treatments are still superior to urine exfoliators. But you can always try yourself, as disgusting as that sounds. It won’t hurt you or damage your skin. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then rinse it off and moisturize. Who knows, maybe we will have a urine based eye serum to review here soon?