Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles under eyes are NOT attractive.  They make people look like they were out all night drinking and partying.  They also make people look tired and groggy.  However, as people age, they do obtain dark circles under the eyes on occasion. So, how do you treat dark circles under the eyes?

A very bad case of dark circles under the eyes.

A very bad case of dark circles under the eyes.

Best advice I have is to use an eye serum that is formulated with Haloxyl.  This is the best active ingredient for dark under-eye circles.  Haloxyl is an active ingredient in the editors choice as best eye serum – Elite Serum.

Aside from using an eye serum with Haloxyl, you can read the below information on how to treat dark eye circles.

Dark Circles Under The Eyes – Common Causes & Treatments

1.  The sun can cause dark circles under the eyes.  The sun weakens the delicate skin under the eyes.

Treatment: apply an under eye serum that contains palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7.  This specific ingredient works well to reduce dark circles under the eyes and puffiness.  Plus, it helps firm and restore the skin.  Apply a product that has this ingredient (See:  Elite Serum) before exposure to the sun as a prevenative measure.

2.  Dehydration.  If you are not consuming a sufficient amount of water, you run the risk of suffering from dehydration.

Treatment: drink 8 10 oz. glasses of water per day.  Drink more if you are in a high altitude or participate in athletic or cardio training of any sort.

3.  Lack of Sleep.  If you aren’t sleeping properly, chances are, people can see it in your eyes.

Treatment: sleep at least 6 hours per night.  Try to get into a routine.  If you have a hard time with this, try using a firming eye serum to at least tighten up the area underneath your eyes.  Look for one that contains Matrixyl and apply immediately after waking up.

While there are many remedies for treating dark circles under the eyes, nothing will work better than what the cosmetic scientists formulate in the eye serums reviewed on this website.  However, if you find yourself in a pinch, here are some alternative methods for attacking those nasty, dark circles.

*Apply cucumber slices under the eyes.

*Constantly apply a high spf sunscreen.

*Consume foods with antioxident pigments, such as berries, nuts, and onions.

*Take Vitamin C tablets.

Those are a few of the many items you may have in your home to help you treat dark circles under the eyes.  Healthy living, diet, and sleep patterns are obviously of importance to your eyes.