We talk about many different products that boast their “collagen” boosting properties on this site, such as this product, but what exactly is collagen and why is it such a buzz word when it comes to eye serums and skin care in general?

In today’s post, we’ll explain all about collagen and its importance to the body and why it is commonly advertised for anti-aging eye serums.

How Collagen Aids Skin Care

Collagen is basically the building block of your body. It is found everywhere from skin, muscles, bones, tendons, joints, pretty much everything that holds your body together. It essentially makes up the structural integrity of your body.

As for skin care, what collagen does plump up the skin cells to make them more supple and firm. Wrinkles in the skin form when the epidermis becomes weak and frail, allowing it to sag and fold upon itself. By boosting collagen production, your skin cells become more robust and strong and fill in the creases that have formed.

You can use an under eye serum that is touted for its collagen boosting properties to help treat this skin issue. Another way you can treat it is by using collagen peptides. What are collagen peptides? Unlike a topical product you put on your skin, it is a supplement that you ingest orally in the form of a powder or pill.

collagen supplements

No matter which way you decide to get your dose of this important body protein, the benefits will be seen all around your body. By strengthening your bones, muscles, tendons, joints, and skin, you are promoting overall body wellness and will look and feel much better. Your body will function at its peak performance and your skin will radiate, making you look younger.

Outside of topical products and peptide supplements, it is also used surgically in the form of injections. These injections have been used for decades to get rid of crow’s feet and fine lines that form on the face. They are used on the lips to attain fuller lips, as well as on the cheeks. It can also sometimes be used in the chest, neck and back area, though most of it is cosmetically used in the facial area.

As you can see, collagen has great importance in the body’s health as well as your outward appearance. If you are wanting to look younger, we suggest you find the treatment method that appeals most to you and get started right away.