Clinique All About Eyes

This product was designed by Clinique to target the problem areas around the eyes that get afflicted with puffiness (“bags” under the eyes), dark circles and wrinkles. These problems arise from a number of factions such as wear and tear due to older age, lack of sleep, and environmental factors. This product line contains an eye cream, a de-puffing serum, a moisturizer and a concealer.

There are many reviews about the Clinique All About Eyes product line on their website as well as on Amazon if you’d like to take a look at what other customers are saying before parting with your hard earned money. This is a cheaper alternative on the market compared to others I review here, at around $50 per ounce, but may be less effective due to lesser concentration of powerful active ingredients. I’ve done a little research myself and will break down what these products are made of and what others are saying about them.

clinique eye skin care products reviewClinique All About Eyes Review

This product is applied with a rolling ball mechanism to the under-eye area where puffiness and dark circles form. The skin in this area is the thinnest in the body and is more susceptible to becoming weakened, which leads to the aforementioned issues as well as sagging, wrinkles and fine lines (often called “crow’s feet”) around the eyes. Clinique All About Eyes products are formulated to combat these problems with a mixture of antioxidants and other natural ingredients. They also have synthetic ingredients that have caused irritation in some cases, so it is best to try dabbing those in doses on a small area of the skin to test first and see how your skin reacts to the formulation, and gradually add it to your skin care routine as you find it does not cause an adverse reaction.


There are a few powerful active ingredients in these products that make it a good choice, such as grape seed extract with is known for its antioxidant properties. This helps remove dirt and dead skin cells from the skin to make room for new, healthy skin cells to grow in their place. It also has spike moss extract which promotes blood circulation, aiding the antioxidant powers. Rosemary extract is included to reduct inflammation and puffiness. It also has caffeine which has cosmetic use in reducing inflammation and brings a soothing effect to the skin, at least for the short-term.


  1. Good blend of natural ingredients that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  2. Price – try it out before making a bigger investment on a more expensive product line


  1. Synthetic ingredients that may cause side effects such as stinging, itchiness and irritation
  2. Lacks powerful active ingredients such as argirelene, resveratrol and others that make up some of the more effective eye serums on the market

All in all, this product may help you with the issues around your eye but there are definitely more powerful formulations out there that use the best active ingredients for wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles.