At some point or another, almost 40% of people living in the United States will have to deal with sciatic pain. The popular choice for treating this debilitating pain is pharmaceutical drugs. This common pain is often associated with back pain despite being two very different conditions. Sciatica is regularly misunderstood occurring more frequently as you get older and those that already have chronic or acute back pain have a higher possibility of developing sciatica pain.

For those that are interested in finding natural methods of pain relief, there are several other options out there that can be helpful when treating sciatica pain. Yoga, pilates, and other body strengthening workouts like stretches for your lower back can help provide relief. Surgery is also possible, but should only be considered when everything else has failed to relieve your pain.

Recently, CBD oil has been seen to help provide sciatica pain relief. This alternative option has even been seen by some doctors as a good alternative to the usual pharmaceutical drugs that are prescribed for the condition. Here is some more information on CBD oil, sciatica pain, and how CBD oil can help you treat the pain.  You can read more about it on this page:

What is CBD oil?

Before we discuss how this oil can help your sciatica pain, let’s talk about what it is. CBD is actually one of 100 compounds that you will find in a cannabis plant called cannabinoids. Also known as cannabidiol or hemp oil, CBD oil is typically obtained from industrial hemp plants. While most people think about the “high” one gets from cannabis, CBD oil does not include any properties that are mind-altering. In contrast to medical marijuana, it is legal in every U.S. state and doesn’t need a prescription to buy it. However, it is sold as a food supplement, so it isn’t regulated by the FDA.

What is Sciatica?

A condition that results due to a problem in the spine, sciatica is usually found in your lower back. While there are different kinds of sciatica, the most common is the result of a prolapsed disc, bulged, disc, or trapped nerve. Different than typical back pain, sciatica develops in the sciatic nerves which start in your lower lumbar spine then passes your buttocks and the goes down the back of each of your legs ending in your big toes.

Pain is experienced when either the sciatic nerve fiber or the root of the nerve becomes pinched or irritated. When this happens, it is possible to feel pain in your leg, foot, lower back, calf, or buttocks. Also, everyone experiences sciatic pain differently from a feeling of an electric shock down to tingling and numbness. It is possible that your pain will be so bad you won’t even be able to stand up and walk.

Usually, sciatica is something that is not considered an actual medical condition. More often than not, doctors will view it as a part of another back trauma that you may be suffering from. Typically, the term sciatica is a term used broadly to explain pain, weakness, and tingling in the buttocks and legs that was caused by injury to or pressure on your sciatic nerve. When regular movements like lifting, coughing, standing or sitting is causing your pain to be intensified, it is blamed on sciatica.

It is not uncommon for sciatica to start with a slipped disc in your lower spine. In this instance, a disc that is between your vertebra can become worn and the soft area inside can start to push out from the outer ring. This is the process of your disc herniating and putting pressure on the nerves found around it. When this involves a sciatic nerve, you can find yourself in some intense pain. This can also be caused by other back trauma harming the sciatic nerve which can include spinal stenosis, tumors, fractures, or pelvic injury.

CBD oil for Sciatica

Based on a number of studies, CBD oil has shown to be an effective treatment for sciatica. Pain relief and mood balance are the two main functions of CBD oil. Already an effective treatment for inflammation and spasms, CBD oil is now being considered effective as an analgesic that can be used for those that suffer from issues resulting from chronic pain conditions.

How CBD oil works as a pain reliever is not totally understood, but it is considered one of the safest cannabinoids with many reports of its effectiveness with chronic pain conditions. Previous studies have shown how well CBD oil works to modulate pain. Apparently, everyone has an innate system of endocannabinoids and cannabinoids all working to regulate how your body reacts to bad stimuli.

So, if you have a disc that is herniated pressing up against your sciatic nerve, your endocannabinoid system is soon overwhelmed and not able to function efficiently. This is when we feel that excruciating pain, but is also when using CBD oil can be most effective. It is almost like reinforcing your internal pain management system with added strength that allows your body to start a response to these bad stimuli and allows your body to lessen the pain you feel when something abnormal happens to your body.

Similar to how antibiotics can help to give your immune system more strength, CBD oil does the same thing for your internal physiological pain management system. While some people do not feel an immediate result and some none at all, it can take a little while for CBD oil to start being beneficial to your system.

While using CBD oil on different conditions is still very much in the early stages, it has become more accepted by physicians and society for use in pain management. Through many studies, CBD oil has been shown to be effective for pain management, especially chronic pain, and it makes sense that it can also work for sciatica. Make sure to do your own research and consult your physician before starting any new pain management treatments.