Medical Spas or MedSpas are relatively new areas in medicine but are growing rapidly and becoming more and more popular as the time passes. MedSpas are best known to provide various medical grade aesthetics procedures in a very relaxing and luxurious environment. Treatments such as botox, facelifts, PRP facials, microblading can all be found here.

Apart from these popular procedures, you can also try ridding your face of wrinkles, reduce fillers, laser therapies for helping with any kind of sun damage, hair removal through lasers, therapy for acne, medical grade peels and facials. In addition, you’ll also find very high quality medical grade skin products at MedSpas that can help you in your skin care routine.

The Skin is one of the largest organs of the body which unfortunately most of us don’t treat right. Over the course of our lives, we rarely put any effort in taking care of our skin. With ignorance and the harsh environment of Las Vegas, the dry weather and really hot sun can slowly damage the skin to an extent that wrinkles may start appearing.

When these things come into play, your best bet is to go and pay a visit to MedSpas. Fortunately, there is literally solution for every kind of skin problem available at the MedSpas. You’ll also see a variety of anti aging products for sale in Med Spa’s.

So if you are living in Las Vegas and want your skin treated properly, try checking out our list of Med Spa’s in Las Vegas. We have picked the best MedSpas in the city which have doctors present at full time. Unlike other MedSpas where the doctors are rarely available on the premises, the list we compiled has doctors at all times and offer free consultation to anyone that comes to their door.

Current Medical Spa’s in Las Vegas

  1. Flawless Aesthetics by Melanie
  2. Ceenter for aesthetic medicine and human performance
  3. Illuminate – face and body bar
  4. Summerlin center for wellness
  5. Chic la vie med spa
  6. Advanced aesthetics
  7. Blue point medical spa
  8. Dermabella medical spa
  9. Spoiled
  10. Flawless aesthics by Melanie speed RN

There is a new one opening, you can view information on this link http:/ – it’ll be interesting to see what they offer.

Before choosing any MedSpa make sure that experienced doctors are part of the team. After all you do not want inexperienced doctors working on something as delicate as the face.