Best Eye Serum

We have spent the last many months conducting research, trials, and tests and experiencing products first hand in order to determine the “Editor’s Choice” of the best eye serum!  We have made our decision and we are ready to announce the “Editor’s Choice!”

With so many products out there that work in different manners, it was a lengthy process.  If you read my “Choosing an Eye Cream” page, you know what factors I like to keep in mind when rating an eye cream. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to do so in order to understand the importance of the factors that go into the final rating system.  We look at:

  • Ingredients – What is the product comprised of?
  • The facility in which the product is manufactured – Is the product made in the USA?  Are the manufacturers following FDA guidelines?
  • The company behind the product – Does the company have an 800# listed on their website?  Do they respond to emails and questions promptly?
  • Whether or not the product is tested on animals – I typically don’t review any sort of anti-aging eye cream that was tested on animals at any state of development and to my knowledge, none of the products I tested on this site were tested on animals.

Of course, it’s time to thank YOU the consumers for all the eye serum reviews submitted so far.  We encourage you to submit more eye serum reviews as you have experiences with them.   We rely on your contributions as an integral part of our existence!  The market for eye care products is constantly changing and it’s our promise to you to stay in touch with all the latest eye cream ingredients, products, and theories.  As theories change in the anti-aging eye cream business, we will continue to be an eye serum authority and stay on top of the latest trends here at!

The reviews, input, and information received from my trusty colleagues were extremely helpful.  As important as the input is from our colleagues, the informative eye serum reviews from consumers like you really solidified our consensus answer.

So, without further ado, I’d like to congratulate Elite Eye Serum on being the recipient of our inaugural “Editor’s Choice award!  Elite Serum really took the eye cream market by storm and gathered a lot of press with its powerful combination of advances in science, superb ingredients and amazing results.  The documented experiences with the customer service at Elite Serum have also been strong, leading us to believe that this will soon be a household name in the world of anti-aging.

With all of the potential flaws in buying an eye care product overseas, Elite’s world-class facility really took it over the top.  When a company comes forward and provides not only its vital information, but leads us on a tour of the facility, it really shows that they have nothing to hide.  Furthermore, the company prides themselves on the fact that their facility is ISO9002 approved and all production, staff and employees are trained on GMPs, SOPs and all FDA rules and regulations.  When Elite Serum was reached for comment, the company always handled our inquiries with passion, courtesy, and in a rapid manner.

In an industry that has many deceiving companies using underhanded billing tactics, it’s refreshing to see such a well-mannered company that really does go the extra mile to make sure the customer understands exactly what they are getting.

We look forward to more solid Scientifically-Inspired products from Elite Serum.