There are a variety of eye creams and eye serums out there that you can use to help take care of the skin under your eyes. But which do you choose? In this article, we are going to provide you with the basics so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

What is An Eye Serum

It is essential to understand that the skin under the eyes is significantly thinner than the skin found in other areas of the body. Because of its delicate structure it is prone to damage from everyday stresses of the modern working day.

As you begin your research into finding the best eye serums out there, you should understand the role of the typical ingredients utilized in eye serums. These ingredients are hyaluronic acid, neuropeptides and retinol.

The main difference among the eye serums available in the market is in the delivery of these ingredients to the cells of the delicate skin area under the eyes.

  • Hyaluronic acid – A naturally occurring component in the human body and is critical in forming a fluid connective structure that holds cells together. Its most important quality is that it can hold an incredible amount of fluid. The delicate skin beneath the eyes requires moisture to keep its healthy appearance and functionality. Eye serums can deliver the hyaluronic acid to this sensitive area so that the delicate skin continues to retain a healthy amount of fluid and keep it’s youthful and wrinkle-free appearance.
  • Retinol – a form of vitamin A, which has been in widespread use in the skincare industry and is well known to reduce fine line and wrinkles. Eye serums utilize retinol in combination with the other active ingredients to produce collagen, which helps strengthen the skin while helping it remain elastic and supple. The use of retinol can cause sensitivity in the skin and is typically recommended to be used at night (unless delivered in a particular formulation) to avoid any damage by harsh sunlight during the day.
  • Neuropeptides – essential proteins which work to keep the cells in the skin healthy and vital. These are also naturally present in the human body, but over time, as we age, these proteins diminish in quantity, requiring a boost from external sources like eye serums.

Top 3 benefits:

Now that you know about the main ingredients that are used in quality eye serums, let’s discuss the top three benefits of using an eye serum.

  1. Fast absorption: the benefits of using eye serum is that they absorb quickly through the thin skin layer under the eyes. The better the absorption rate – the more quickly the ingredients will be available to the cells of the skin to counteract the aging process and heal the integrity of the skin.
  2. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines: because of the near instant delivery of highly active ingredients, eye serums can help reduce the appearance of skin damage such as crows feet, puffiness, and wrinkles around the eyes. The cells of the skin themselves are functioning correctly, but they no longer have the availability of the essential ingredients they need to stay healthy. Eye serums can deliver these ingredients so that the cells can function at their best.
  3. Boost Radiance: as the skin hydrates with the continued use of serums and as the active ingredients break down the old damaged skin and rebuild new skin – there is a reported benefit of brightness or radiance to the skin around the eyes, thereby reducing the appearance of aging.

We hope that you found this article beneficial in helping you learn the basics of what an eye serum consists of and what it can do for your skin.

There are many eye serums available in the skin care market, and it is essential to know which is the most effective for you and your needs. Please see the other articles in our library to help you differentiate between the best eye serums out there so that you can reap the most benefit for your money.