Siloxane Peptide Cream

Dr. Joely Kaufman, a widely respected Dermatologist, recently shared some insightful information with consumers regarding age.

“The first thing that women complain about with their skin after the age of 35 is textural changes and fine lines.  As we age, our collagen production decreases, which leads to these kinds of skin concerns.”  Her recommended treatment?  A secret botox alternative in the form of 2 ingredients.

The first ingredient is called Siloxane and it works to cover wrinkles upon contact, providing noticeable results within 15 minutes.  This type of treatment is called an instant effect treatment, but it’s not therapeutic, it is only temporary.  It provides the instant results while the second ingredient, a therapeutic one, goes to work.  This ingredient is a Peptide.  Peptides are known for their ability to treat wrinkles on a deeper level, by penetrating the skin and encouraging new collagen production.

Many creams available on the market today offer both of these ingredients.  You can find this cream or serum anywhere and they range in price from $20 – $120.

What is Siloxane?

  • Any chemical compound composed of units of the form R2SiO, where R is a hydrogen atom or a hydrocarbon group, commonly found in cosmetics.

How is Siloxane used?

  • As a bonding agent

What types of products is Siloxane found in?

  • Cosmetics
  • Deoderants
  • Defoamers
  • Water repelling windshield coating
  • Food Additives
  • Soap

What role does Siloxane play in cosmetics?

  • Siloxane, a silicone based compound, is used in cosmetics to soften, smooth and moisten
  • Siloxane works like a lubricant in products like deodorant to help slide on more easily
  • Siloxane is used extensively facial moisturizers

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