Shills Black Mask Review

You’ve probably seen it on countless beauty blogs and vlogs. Celebrities and non-celebrities alike have been smearing black all over their faces and then pulling of the black face mask along with dozens of blackheads. Most of them have been squealing with delight at the results. Maybe that’s why it has become such a hit. In fact, it has become the beauty trend that is sweeping the world. But what is Shills Black Mask and does it really work? It is important to well informed when making a decision about your skin and if you are looking to choose a new product. Reviews are a great way to do this. So it may be that you have been searching high and low for a great, in-depth review of Shills Black Mask. The good new is you don’t have to search any longer. Today we will cover everything you need to know about Shills Black Mask in this in-depth review.

What is Shills Black Mask?

So, before we dive into the review, first let’s look at exactly what Shills Black Mask is. Shills Black Mask is the superstar facemask that has been plastered over the face of celebrities and normals alike. At its most basic, it is a face mask made from charcoal that has been designed to remove blackheads and eliminate acne and oil from your face. The truth is that black face masks may seem like a novelty in the United States and other areas of the western world, but they have long been used in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and Japan.

Unlike other face masks that don’t set to the skin, Shills Black Face Mask uses active ingredients, such as charcoal, aloe vera, arbutin and chamomile that bind to the plugs in pores. As such, you can simply wash the face mask off. You need to carefully peel it from your skin to get rid of it and then wash your face after. If you’re not careful, this can hurt. It also means your skin may be red. Nevertheless, after using, the brand promises soft and glowing skin. The product has thousands and thousands of fans but is it worth shouting about?

What do we think?

We’ve had loads of requests to do this review. In fact we don’t think we’ve ever had so many! So, to be fair, we consulted a dermatologist before using the face mask to understand exactly how we can tell if the mask has worked or not. Our dermatologist reliably told us that the truth is most of these kinds of masks and strips don’t work. But if it does work, then we should be able to see full lines of sebum and dead skin cells, rather than just a couple of pores. Armed with that information, we next looked for the best place to buy the product. You have three options when it comes to purchasing a Shill Black Face Mask. The first, and most popular, will be Amazon. It’s quick, easy and fast. You can also buy direct from Shill’s site or from WISH. With it purchased we were ready to try it out.

The first thing to note is that we applied the product ourselves. While we could have had someone apply the product onto us, we thought it more appropriate to act as most consumers would. We highly recommend that people leave the product on their face for at least 30 minutes, the time recommended on the package. You need to make sure that the mask has dried all over your skin otherwise you may have patches that are still wet and won’t come off easily. We also recommend that you apply a thick layer. Don’t be stingy, otherwise the you may find that the product isn’t as effective as it claims. It’s also important to be aware that the mask has a not very pleasant smell and a slightly odd texture. Finally, please, please, please be careful to not get the product in your eyebrows, hairline or your beard if you are a man. It will be an absolute nightmare to get rid of and will cause a considerable amount of pain.

What happened when we pulled the mask off?

The first thing we noticed was that our skin felt very smooth and was soft to the touch. We also noted that a fair amount of our blackheads were gone, and there was a fair amount of sebum and dead skin cells. It didn’t get rid of every single blackhead we had, but it did do a fairly good job. It’s fair to say that we were pretty pleased with the results considering the hype and the price that we paid for the mask.

Would we recommend the product?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that you could use a lot less effective products in order to remove blackheads from your face. Some of the other products we have tried in the past have been completely ineffective and not removed any blackheads. Skills Black Face Mask, has actually removed a fair amount of our blackheads. As such, we think the product is definitely worth it if you have blackheads or acne that you want to eliminate. THe truth is, you may have to use several face masks and use them regularly to get the results that you desire. But doing so is better than living a life worried about acne.


The biggest pro is that the product pretty much lived up to its billing and removed a fair amount of our blackheads. As with overhyped products like these, we never find that the real thing lives up to the advertising and, naturally, the same is true here. But it does remove some, if not all, of your blackheads. It was an effective product given the price and we would definitely use it again.


The only cons we have about the Shills Black Mask is that it isn’t the best smelling and it can be a bit tricky to apply. You have to be very quick when getting it on your face. The hype around the product is also a bit of a negative, to be honest, as it is virtually impossible to live up to.