Neck Cream

Eye serum is an anti aging under eye treatment that most people start using after they reach adolescence.  Eye products, whether sold in cream, serum, or gel form, are the most in-demand anti aging creams that consumers flock to.

While we review eye serums we also occasionally encounter other anti aging products whether it’s via samples, advertiser gifts, or obtaining them in a “system” of products that includes an eye serum we may be researching.  From time to time you’ll notice we talk about other skin products, and today is one of those times.

One product trending upwards that is really becoming part of many people’s anti aging regimen – the neck cream.

Why Neck Firming Creams Work to Hide Your Age

You may wonder to yourself, why would anyone need a neck firming cream?

The Neck area is an area of the skin that rarely gets treated properly.  How many times do you see people at the beach with great suntans on their faces but a rather deep burn on their neck?  It happens because the first thing people think about is their face.  The neck is an afterthought in most cases.

However, the skin on your neck ages just like the skin on your face.  It needs to be cared for properly, or you could end up with sagging skin or what people call “turkey neck.”  A few companies have recently brought to market specific neck creams that treat these defects and work to tighten the neck area.

For this very reason, some of the leading companies have taken the reigns and formulated a tightening agent that is applied to the upper chest and neck area, commonly called the decollete, to treat sagging skin and neck wrinkles.  The end product is simply called a  a neck cream.

Skin Pro has taken this approach to a whole new level and refers to this area as the “V zone.”  For this reason, their neck cream is appropriately called “V-Covery.”  Pretty clever marketing.

Other companies out there simply call this product “neck firming cream” or “neck tightening cream.”  Whatever the name of the product you may read about if you sift through neck cream reviews, be sure to look for the powerful peptides and other tightening agents as this is extremely important in neck firming products.

Our Recommendation: 

Skin Pro Neck Firming Cream

Best Neck Firming Cream

This is our recommendation for 2017.

Delfogo V-Covery is a popular product these days.  (Review forthcoming.)

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The V-Covery (which refers to the “v-zone” under the neck and across the upper chest) is made with the same Matrixyl 3000 that is featured in other DelfogoRx products, along with LipoCare and Essenskin.  A study showed that a cream using 2.5% Essenskin caused a significant and visible improvement of the skin density (+68%), firmness and elasticity for 80% of the subjects.  Reports also showed the skin was shown to be more resistant (+21%) and smoother.

Lipocare contains a patented blend of clinically tested ingredients that synergistic-ally accelerate lipid release from fatty storage around the neck area.  Those are two very powerful ingredients, and combined with Matrixyl 3000 (click the link in case you haven’t read about it yet – we go into great detail about this ingredient) this is by far the most advanced neck cream we’ve reviewed.

We’ll be back with more neck cream reviews as we continue to delve into other products in the anti aging space.