Men’s Face Skin Cream

Face Cream for Men Many companies market skin products for men.  I’ve seen companies offer products such as facial creams and anti-aging gels that are specially “formulated” for men.  Let me tell you something, this is marketing at its FINEST.  Hair care products, deodorant, cars, even food, are all marketed with a gender in mind.

Why do you think that is?  Our society has told us that based on our gender; we should wear a certain color or buy a certain product, work a certain job.  It’s more common nowadays for women to work and men to stay home with the kids.  It’s not uncommon for men to cook and clean and for the women to bring home the paycheck.  I digress.  Today, we look at skin creams for men because men’s skin care is an important segment of skin products and more men are realizing the importance of taking good care of their skin.

Face Creams for Men

It’s okay for men to wear pink or salmon colored shirts, but 20 years ago, could you imagine the ridicule if you showed up to a Friday night football game in a feminine colored button down shirt?

We are slowly breaking the rules of gender and why shouldn’t that apply to skin care?

Think about it, why would a man need different creams applied to his face?  Is there something under men’s skin that is different from women?  The answer is a resounding NO!

While many companies are doing a phenomenal job of marketing towards men, the product ingredients rarely differ between a product that is marketed to women and a product that is marketed to men.  Slick marketing minds package the products with men in mind by using more earth tones and masculine colors, instead of the usual pinks and yellows that women are accustomed to purchasing.  Men tend to be comfortable using products that aren’t wrapped in varying shade of pinks and purples.

How many times have you rolled your eyes upon discovering the over abundance of female related products taking up space in your shower and medicine cabinet?

Marketing to men is a phenomenal idea.  Men are typically the breadwinners in the household, although this is changing.  Of course, men will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to impress women.  If a woman tells a man to do something to his skin, or even further, recommends a product for him to try, he usually will do it.   As more men find that fashion is en vogue, they are also paying closer attention to things like their skin and nails.  Being metro sexual isn’t seen as such a “different” thing anymore.  It’s quite common in fact and it should be!  Men should take care of themselves and pride themselves on being groomed!  No woman likes a man with fingernails that are chewed up or have dirt under the nails or a man with rough dry feet or acne.

Men know their skin just like women do.  They are becoming aware of the prevention techniques they must employ in order to look good as they age – just like women.  And let’s face it, men like to look good!  Looking good takes a lot more than just putting in an hour of intense weight lifting at the gym; it requires proper care of skin, hair and nails.

Men, you can rest assured you can use any product reviewed on this website.  Not one of the product reviews I posted here are gender-specific, nor will you grow “manboobs” or suffer from a high-pitched voice after applying them.

So do the right thing, and take care of your skin.  The women will like it.  Trust me.  When we find the best skin creams for men, you can bet we’ll have some reviews of them and help you find the best skin treatments.