Free Wrinkle Cream

Risk free trial wrinkle cream

There are very few things in life that are 100% free!

As you begin to search for wrinkle creams, eye serums and facial gels, you will notice that your web pages are suddenly flooded with ads offering all of these great products to you, some waving big banners that say “Free Trial” or “Get your Free Sample now!”  When you login to your email account and FaceBook, the banner ads on the sides of the screen are loaded with lots of amazing “Free” wrinkle cream deals.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?!  A 30 day Risk Free Trial period and all you have to do is pay Shipping and Handling?!

Beware of “Risk Free Wrinkle Creams”

Beware when clicking these ads!  If you think that you are going to score the latest and greatest wrinkle cream that ordinarily retails for $119, for free, you are wrong!  As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and offers for wrinkle creams and eye serums are no exception.

To put it bluntly, there are no legitimate ‘free wrinkle cream’ offers on the market.

Many of these companies require your credit card information and by agreeing to a “Free Trial” you are actually agreeing to an auto ship, in which your credit card will be billed monthly!  Does that sound “Free” to you?!  When you call to request a refund of your money, they will tell you that they cannot offer you a refund because you agreed to the Terms & Conditions that were no doubt so small that you overlooked them.  Perhaps you were so excited about your Free product that you overlooked them.  Either way, you overlooked the imperative Terms and Conditions that disclosed what you were actually signing yourself up for!

Canceling your subscription is even more of a nightmare.  You’ll no doubt be transferred 3 times and ultimately disconnected.

Simply do a quick Google search for ‘free trial scam’ and read all of the related horror stories and avoid becoming a victim!  Avoid any company that offers a “Free Trial” but asks for your credit card information!

The “Free Trial Scam” made national headlines when CBS reported the Better Business Bureau’s Top 10 Scams!  Diet pills, teeth whitening kits and wrinkle creams all made the list.  You can read the full story here! The Federal Trade Commission has since stepped in to crack down on these scams, but they are still aplenty.

Some companies do offer samples with a purchase and these are legit.  It’s a win-win for the company.  You purchase “x” amount of retail product and they will include other samples from other skin care lines.  This is usually only true with department stores and some large, nationally known beauty supply stores.

You can usually obtain free samples with a fragrance purchase as well.  Several companies including Clinique, Lancome and Guerlain all compliment their fragrance lines with beauty products.  Next time you’re stocking up on your favorite perfume; ask for beauty product samples as well.

Another great way to stay in touch with your favorite skin care companies is to become a fan on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and pin them on Pinterest!  In today’s day and age, brands rely on social media for their marketing needs just as much as they rely on a high dollar, high profile PR firms!  Following your favorite brands social media is a great way to earn fan exclusive deals and discounts, coupon codes and free product.  Often times you can redeem an offer, make a purchase or enter a giveaway directly through Facebook!

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