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Thank you for visiting the #1 Eye Serum website for information, news, and in-depth product reviews of the latest in anti-aging eye treatments and technologies.

The EyeSerum.com skin care research and review journal was founded by Ronald Gold and acquired by Skin Care Media, which is one of the largest publishers of anti aging skin care news on the web.

This site’s product review board is composed of a panel of notable industry experts and skin care researchers. It is important to note that ordinary consumers, with a flair for the study of skin care,  have contributed and continue to contribute exclusive product evaluation reviews to this website.

This site focuses on one topic in specific: anti-aging eye serums.  The aim is to help consumers find the best under eye products and help treat the various signs of aging around the eyes, including puffiness, bags, dark circles, and of course, eye wrinkles. This site focuses on one topic in specific: anti-aging eye treatments. Our sole objective is to help the consumer find the best under eye serums to treat the various signs of aging around the eyes, including puffiness, bags, dark circles, and of course, eye wrinkles. Community participation is encouraged, so please leave comments relating to your own experiences on the various product reviews. This is a completely uncensored forum for discussion, so good or bad, we want to hear what you think about these popular brands and products. Contact us if you would like to recommend a particular eye serum or cream for independent testing and review.

Eye serums have been known as “anti-aging ” products and even as recent as five years ago, most people who were using them were considered adults who were moving towards the age of Senior Citizens.  However, due to many breakthroughs, education, and basically, awareness, eye serums have become a staple in the skin care routine of wellness-oriented, forward-thinking people starting at adolescence.

Smart, educated consumers who think of their skin as a serious asset start using anti-aging creams at a younger age.  These days, men are growing more into their skin care routines, and with the power of some products on the market, many consumers are opting to use creams where in the past they would have perhaps chosen a cosmetic surgery. These are technological advancements that make sense, as any any avoidable surgery is a major health benefit. The evolution of eye serums starts here on EyeSerum.com – where reader participation, comments, reviews and all forms of submitted contributions are greatly encouraged. Follow along as we take you inside the multi-billion dollar eye treatment industry. Our goal is to offer a truly unique perspective on what really works, along with providing the scientific evidence behind the method or device. Meanwhile we will work to dispel popular myths and the hype surrounding the  so-called ‘miracle’ products that are all too common in our industry.

One part of the website that makes good reading for anyone who is in the market for an eye cream is the “choosing an eye cream” page.  Every consumer needs to read the column once and keep in mind the information when looking for an eye serum.  Product quality and FDA regulations are important to the livelihood of the anti aging sector, and it’s important to only use products made under strict safety guidelines.

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