Dark Circle Serum – Banish Dark Under Eye Circles


Consumer Consensus: The Best Eye Serum for Dark Circles.

This eye serum is getting rave reviews.  It has Haloxyl – renowned for dark under eye circle treatments.

Claims are made every day in skin care, especially in anti aging eye products, but if you ask consumers or look at track-able sales numbers from places like Amazon.com, you’ll be hard pressed to find an eye serum for dark circles that people rave about.

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Amazon Feedback


  1. I use the Wrinkle System brand of products quite frequently, and I’ve found them to work quite well. I just started with the Dark Circle serum about 3 days ago, but I wanted to comment on how nicely packaged the eye serum is. Good stuff!

  2. Been using it for a few weeks now and all I can say is WOW! As a nurse I work late hours and really this is the best product I have tried yet for the dark circles under my eyes. I don’t look so tired anymore.

  3. Wrinkle System’s wrinkle cream worked for me, and now for the same price I can get the whole Two Minute Wrinkle Drill for the same price. The eye serum has worked for me, especially for dark circles. But, eye wrinkles still bother me.

  4. This has made my dark circles vanish more than any other eye serum on the market. I’m very happy with the Dark Circle Serum.

  5. I usually work late nights and early mornings, so eye serums are a natural selection for me. This worked great on the puffiness I usually see every morning and I don’t leave home without it.

  6. I used this for two months – one bottle lasted that long. The results were as expected, my dark circles are not gone entirely but they are reduced by a mile. I am very happy with this serum.